Call it a Write Off

I got a cross to bare, it’s my burden alone,
For when you decide to give in to the passion, I’m gonna be gone.
You’ve such a pretty face, too good for tears to ruin,
The curse of a thousand ages, means I never sleep anymore.

Only the wicked sleep tonight, it’s as sound as you’ve ever known,
Two ships that passed in the night, I’ve yet to dream since then.
I gave you my promise, you smashed it in my face,
Let’s do things your way, let’s drink to the end,
I’ll do things your way – and call it a write off.

I’ve got my cross, you’ve got the gun, come on let’s write a book,
A tale of two star crossed killers, made to kill our hearts,
I could never change your mind, never change the time,
It’s a sign of things to come.


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