A Crate Full of Cynics

I’m not a smart man; I’m just of average intelligence,
And I have armchair degrees in many things.
My illusion of safety is none so hasty,
As when I’m outwitted by friends.
They know who they are, the ones with intellectual put downs,
The ones who often felt like they were the intelligentsia even in school.
For whatever reason I’m still trying to please them,
And gain some kind of gratifying acceptance.

Anyway, if you read this and think I’m talking about you,
then you’re probably right; I certainly am.
But I wouldn’t worry about it, my armchairs quite cosy,
And I’ve grown used to you looking down on me.

So, in closing, I’m sorry if I’ve ever made anyone feel stupid,
Ever made anyone feel silly or insecure.
Or squelched anyone’s opinion or denied them a good word
I’ve been fighting with that myself,
Ever since 1994.


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