Post a Day?

Ok then!

I’ve decided to partake in this Post a Day thing. It’s currently being run in two seperate location within WordPress. The first is here and is run by themselves and the other is here too.

So I’m going to try and post one blog a day. A paragraph at least, I suspect. I’ll definitely try to add some pictures.

Forget all that has went before this blog. Most of it is silly and dull. This will probably also be silly and dull but at least it’ll be consistent!

It won’t be easy, but I hope it’ll be inspiring in some way. If you’ve already come across this blog encouragement would be very nice, either through comments, twitter re-tweets/comments and likes on facebook. It’s easier to write if you have an audience who are at least semi behind what you’re doing.

If you have come across this blog because you have similar goals to me then that’s great, I hope to encourage others undertaking the same pursuit and ask for help if required.

Lets get blogging!



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