Day Two – Creativity? Where?!

What a fickle mistress creativity can be. Since starting university, I’d pledged to swear off creative pursuits until I had finished my first year. Over the Christmas break I planned to read at least two novels before returning to my studies as one has very little to time to read for pleasure when studying philosophy and Scottish Literature.

However, I’ve found that the creative “drive” can’t be turned on and off at will. I started to feel guilty sitting around playing video games and watching films. Perhaps part of this guilt has to do with the fact I’ve just reached my 25th birthday and I have contributed very little to the worlds creative landscape, but the more I thought about it, it began to dawn on me that perhaps it is recognition for my creativity that I crave, as opposed to the end product itself.

I quickly banished this thought though, because I, like most people who engage in creative pursuits, enjoy the actual process of creating more than anything else. I think.

That’s not to say that pride in the overall creation should be overlooked.

The end result of the musical creative process is rewarding in itself – the hours of torture to perfect something that you have been sonically crafting is a wonderful feeling. In fact, I really miss being in a band because of this. Well, that and getting up on stage to show off.

Is that just hindsight? I distinctly remember thinking at the time that out of the many songs I’ve written I think I’ve only ever been “truly” happy with two or three of them, in the sense that I felt I had said exactly what I wanted to say.

It’s different with writing. I’ve been running Daily Dischord since 2007, and the amount of content I have added to that recently is a very rewarding thing in itself. Knowing that there are at least some people out there who agree with my opinion on things. While this is more journalistic as opposed to creative, it’s important to keep the writing faculties in full flow – you have to keep the blade sharp, as it were, so that your words carve deeper.

I created this blog last year to force myself to write. It slowly went down hill after a while, and my recent studies of literature and poetry have really shown me just how silly my own attempts at the art form have been.

Ach, no matter. We live and we learn, eh?

And so to One a Day. This is hardly a creative post now, is it? I guess it’s more a statement of intent than anything else. Or a “state of the union” address. That is, a state of my union.

For the record, I’ve been engaged in other creative pursuits of late, not merely sitting around waxing lyrical on the concept of creativity. I don’t want anyone to, y’know, think I’m procrastinating here.

Tomorrow is indeed, another day.


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