Day Six: Sort Of

Although I’m loathe to put a post on here that is not creative, I’ve spent most of my day cleaning my mothers loft and had no time to properly sit down and pour over something creative.

I’ve made a video but alas, I do not have time to edit it. Instead, I took some pictures to show that I’m still making some kind of effort.

The state before the clear out.

There was a whole load of toys from when I was younger. I was particularly amused by these two:

THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR! With arm moving action.
TAXI! A toy London taxi in unusually pristine condition.

Found a ton of photos, including this one – the first photo ever taken of me.

Circa 1985

And a charming first school photo.

Circa...1992 or something.

I’m also doing the same thing tomorrow, but by then I’ll have a ton more stuff to show you. Hopefully.

That video will follow soon, I suspect.


4 thoughts on “Day Six: Sort Of

  1. You’re still using some creative aspect to decide what pictures to post and what to say about them. Don’t be so hard on yourself! – Oh, wait, forgot who I was talking to… never mind… carry on… :p

  2. I’d totally forgotten about that Ultimate Warrior figure’s existence so I was pretty shocked when I found it.

    I didn’t choose to go rooting through my mothers loft, but I’m kinda glad I done it now, beatifink.

    Irene, you know me! 😛

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