Day Seven: Revisiting Eden

More loft clearing shenanigans today. I quite liked doing an updated based on it yesterday so I got a whole bunch of new photos from today. Perhaps they can last another few days, who knows?

Anyway, Scottish poet Edwin Muir always referred to his childhood as his “eden” and today, going through about roughly 15 years worth of accumulated rubbish we found not only a lot of old photos from my brother, my sister and my own childhood’s, but also a ton of old toys too.

Many toys.
Action figures!

We also came across a lot of really weird stuff too…

A model train that hasn't been built...

Some background – around twelve years ago my mother had her boyfriend at the time move in with us. He had two kids and was a huge model train and (apparently) fish enthusiast.

Something fishy here...

As you can see. However, it doesn’t explain this…

A "Peep Show Video" by "Liquid Gold" The spine reads "Tammy"

Apparently a big fan of making any kind of model.

Some more unmade models...

Including this castle which we found partially made.

A model castle...

Up in the loft! As you can see.


Also, a magazine of some kind. Who the hell buys magazines called buildings and bridges?!

A strange "buildings and bridges" magazine.

Lots of strange stuff. What was interesting though was the amount of rubbish that we took out of the loft. I’ll show that tomorrow. Right now, I’ll leave you with this rather hilarious video of….

A racist blue Power Ranger.


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