Day Eight: Revisiting Eden Redux

Having finally cleaned out the loft yesterday, I still had a whole bunch of other photos to upload.

If you’re interested, I’ve put them onto Flicker. The links are enclosed below. I did try to add a slideshow but wordpress is rubbish and doesn’t allow it.

First up – the loft it’s self. Before, during and after. We found a dead bird in there the first day, so on the second day I decided to cover my face. Sexy look, I’m sure you’ll agree. Also contained is a skip which is full with bags of rubbish we took out of there.

Next up is photos of all the toys I found in the loft that I felt were worth documenting. Some are interesting due to what they’re missing – the Red Skull with one leg, Cyclops with one arm and a Green Power Ranger without that gold shield thing he used to have. I’ve no idea what happened to these. I also found the Terminator car pretty ridiculous, and the Terminator inside has a rather funny expression.

As stated in yesterdays post, most of the stuff belonged to my mothers former partner. Here is some of the weirder stuff we found.

And finally, we found a bunch of photos. One day I’ll scan them and put them online somewhere. But we also found a whole bunch of toy cars, some of which you can see below. I was MAD for cars when I was younger. I could tell you the name, make and model of just about every car I seen on the street. The most pristine model I had is enclosed in the slideshow.

We also found a couple of report cards from my first two years at school which are also interesting. They say I liked reading, singing, music and computers. Nothing’s changed there, then, less than twenty years later! Alongside these, are images of my mums wedding ring, engagement ring and eternity rings that she had when she was married to my dad.

And that’s it! Thanks if you persevered with me through this. It’s been weird, but interesting and a lot of fun today. Normal service will resume on Monday. Hopefully I can update this later with actual slideshows if my internet connection plays ball.


One thought on “Day Eight: Revisiting Eden Redux

  1. That Mercedes is fucking AMAZING!!!!

    But what I really want to know is what the book is behind the fish book… and did it inspire your Blue Power Ranger?

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