Day Twenty Eight: The Bold Wee Moose

A bold wee mouse.

The Bold Wee Moose

A seen it scurry, so a did,
Oot frae beneath the skirting board,
Bombin’ it across the room fur a snack.
In the deid o’ a overcast night, so it wiz,
When the bold moose showed its tail.

It was wee, so it wiz,
A could barely see it wi ma ain eyes,
Shooting aboot, like starts atween clouds.
Saw it in the moonlit, so a did,
The bold wee moose aw braw and effulgent.

Heard it’s paws, aye a did,
Scratching oan the cold flair.
Chewin’ oan ma socks, nibblin’ oan crumbs,
An it’s fur was aw matted, so it wiz,
The bold wee moose came oot tae play.

It wiz a crafty wee ‘hing, so it wiz.
An’ when a turned oan the light, it froze, so it did,
A heard it squeak, an’ it gie’d me a bold eye,
Then it darted aff, aw full a fright.
The bold wee moose was bold nae mair.

A never seen it again.


6 thoughts on “Day Twenty Eight: The Bold Wee Moose

    1. Thank you! There’s not enough poetry written in the Glaswegian accent. All the great Scots dialect writers were from, or used, the Edinburgh dialect.

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