Day Thirty Two: Observations?

A month!

I made it! Woo!!

Anyway… I’m not here to do a content retrospective for January. Rather, I’m here to share a few thoughts about the creative process and some things I’ve noticed since starting the One a Day Project.

So, two points really.

I won’t labour on this first one. Since starting university and studying Scottish Literature, I’ve found myself in a strange and exciting position. Some background: my degree is supposed to be joint honours in Film and Television and Philosophy. I always knew Film and TV would be dry, but I was ready to go the whole way with it cause I figured it’d bear fruits in the end. Anyway, while thinking of what I should pick as a third subject I was advised by a friend that perhaps English literature would be a good one, if only to deepen my appreciation of writing and to learn more about how it works and such. However, after meeting with my adviser I was told that I probably wouldn’t get into English Lit cause it wasn’t what I was doing my degree it, so I choose Scots Lit instead.


It turns out that this advice was invaluable. Long story short – I’ve enjoyed reading and studying literature so much that I’m thinking of dropping Film and TV and doing joint honours in Scots Lit and Philosophy. What’s this got to do with the one a day project, I hear you cry? Well…

This deeper appreciation for writing has lead to a creative spark in writing that I thought had long vanished. Scottish Literature has started a creative fire, and pushed me to write again. Which is great, but not only that, but this post a day project has allowed me an outlet for that writing. These two factors seemed to have combined at just the right moment because not only have I found a love for poetry and creative writing (as well as journalism), but I have also found an outlet for the creative writing. Writing every day is a way to keep ones skills sharp and focused, and I can feel my writing improving on a daily basis.

So yeah, I guess I did labour a bit on that first point. Moving on…

The second part of this relates to the one a day project too. There appears to be a community of gaming writers here taking part in the project which is excellent, as they’re all very good at what they do. In fact, there’s a whole bunch of folk on here that do pretty much every kind of writing you can think of. My comments about blogging as a game don’t appear to be too wide of the mark; naturally those who are interested in similar things tend to gravitate towards their own interests. It’s cool that all these talented writers have a place to go and talk to each other about their writing and such like but I’ve started to notice that perhaps poetry is a huge turn off for a lot of people (the page views don’t lie!). This is fine really, maybe a lot of people find it daunting, but the most interesting thing so far is that topical stuff or actual proper blog writing stuff gets way more interest than poetry. That might speak about my skill in that particular area, I don’t know. Who knows? It won’t stop me writing it!

So, to sum up: the first month has been awesome. I’ve enjoyed every day so far. I like feeling driven, so even if I have to sit down and force myself to write stuff this is something which pleases me tremendously (not like I spend all my day on one post, I don’t. I’m writing other things too) and I’m starting to grow fond of the wee community that’s coming out of this. Perhaps in February I’ll write less creative stuff and more blog entries, who knows?

Here’s to eleven more months of blogging!


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