Day Forty One: Orange Coloured Goodness

I won’t labour too long on this one. It’s a pretty pointless blog, but I feel the need to write about it.

This stuff:

Mmm...unidentifiable flavoured goodness.

I’ve been addicted to it since….fuck, I don’t know when. Years. The strangest thing about it is it’s undefinable taste. Some kind of strange sugar and caffeine hit is what makes it so addictive.

It, like everything seems to be, is loaded with additives.

Last week I decided to stop it. Strangely, it doesn’t seem to have had a massively detrimental effect on my teeth. Certainly the dentist hasn’t said anything about. Rather, I feel compelled to see if I would achieve any weight loss without it. That and chocolate. All junk food in fact, has now been cut out of my diet (I did have a donut today though. SHHHH!)

Do I crave it? Oddly, I don’t. Not even the caffeine rush (the lack of which is causing headaches). I’ve replaced it with Robinson’s Fruit and Barely. A much nicer alternative in the short term.

Four days off it so far and I feel ok. I certainly don’t feel bloated any more.

Chocolate is another matter. I do crave it still, but the fact I have none in my house and refuse to buy some means that the cravings are quickly forgotten about. Instead I’ll have an apple.

A bloody apple.

This post is actually the most I’ve thought about either of those things recently. And now I want them both. DAMN YOU WORDPRESS!


3 thoughts on “Day Forty One: Orange Coloured Goodness

  1. Dan, Bros before Brus… wait, that’s not right… :p

    Mark, depending on your previous chocolate intake, it can take 2 weeks to get off chocolate addiction, worse than stopping alcohol! Keeping up your water intake will help with the energy loss of lack of caffeine. Sounds like you’re actually doing really well with it all. 🙂

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