Day Fifty Two: Mirror

Another rushed one!

You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve seen.
Primping and preening for loving
lusting and careering.
Bright lights, city nights,
The brilliant blue glow of the screens
And the moon.

Framing faces ever changing,
A touch of this, a dab of that,
New hair, old hair
New faces become old faces

I’ve seen daylight, though
occasionally first thing in the morning.
Sometimes, if the window is left open,
unblinkered to the world,
I can see what goes on outside
Reflecting all that’s beyond.
The sun splitting the trees,
Squirrels in the trees,
Or rain, umbrellas and commotion.

My eye never closes,
Same faces, same place,
Different placement.

These are the things I’ve seen.

But that was then,
This is now –
cracked, frame tarnished,
The eye is smashed,
And perception is challenged.
If the eyes are the windows to perception,
Is the mirror really true?
Does it reflect on reality?
Is it really, truly, you?


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