Day Sixty Two: For Funerals and Friends

I’ve just reviewed the new Funeral for a Friend record for Daily Dischord. It’s rather good.

Some background? Ok then. I first became aware of FFAF when I seen them supporting the legendary Boysetsfire in 2002. I was converted almost instantly, and their first two EPs still hold a place in my heart. My relationship with the band has been…odd, ever since.

I was eventually made one of the admins on the old FFAF forum and through there I’ve met some awesome people who I still keep in contact with. One of which is probably one of my best mates now. Oddly, very few of them still like the band but if it wasn’t for FFAF Daily Dischord would not exist. I’d seen them in King Tuts on their first ever UK tour, when the room was only half full and the singer, Matt Davies, was absolutely gobsmacked when the 100 or so people in the room started singing back to him. His smile is one I’ll never forget.

Through a girl I was seeing at the time (who I met through forum) I’ve seen them in a fair few places up and down the country. Perhaps most importantly I seen them do a couple of home coming shows in TINY venues in rural Wales. Which was pretty awesome. I even met the singer and his father through the girlfriend of the time.

But I’ve found it difficult to like them over the years because they never really lived up to the promise of those first two EPs. Their first record is over-produced and patchy. The second is better, but lacks any of the aggression they use to have. Their third record was just dull as hell and record number four showed a lot of promise, but kind of felt like they couldn’t decided what they wanted to be and this always irked me. Until now.

So it appears that DD and FFAF are intertwined, when one of our PR contacts picked them up I resigned myself to the fact I would probably never escape them which, in the wake of their new album, I really don’t mind so much. Hell, I even own all their singles up until their third record, Tales Don’t Tell Themselves. Including really rare vinyl’s (never had anything signed though).

To sum up: my music taste, friends and website are stuff I owe to FFAF. It’s weird, because I still see them as being this small band even though they’re really not anymore.

Enough of my rambling. Just click the photo and read the review. It’s an awesome record.


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