Day Seventy Six: The Last Fantasy

Or not.

I don’t talk about video games often, but I have to explain why I have nothing creative for tonight (and I’m sure no one will noticed given how dramatically my page views have fallen this week).

Today, I have mainly been playing Final Fantasy XIII. First time I’ve played one since Final Fantasy X and I have to say, it’s not grabbing me as much as VII, VIII, XI or X did. But I remember a whole lot of story and linear, plot driven gameplay for the first 15 hours or so if Final Fantasy VII, and while I realise this game probably won’t be as good as that, I’m prepared to bear with it.

It lead to a minor discussion with my flatmate and I as we both came to the conclusion that more “Western” style RPGs like Fallout 3 etc are more enjoyable to us these days. Long gone are the halcyon days of playing Final Fantasy all night before going to bed for school the next day. Perhaps it’s because these “Western” RPG’s have stats that seem to make a whole lot more practical sense? J-RPG’s, now, appear to be a lot more convoluted.

I probably picked a bad time to get it, though. I can’t really be going on a 3 disc adventure when I should be studying for exams.


I’d like to add that the main character, ‘Lightning’, is a total moody cow. What’s with Final Fantasy lead characters and unresolved angst? Also, what’s up with the androgynous nature of most of the characters? I’d say I worry about the Japanese sometimes but that might be a little flippant given the current situation where my social conscience genuinely worries about the Japanese right now, for completely unrelated and much bigger reasons.


4 thoughts on “Day Seventy Six: The Last Fantasy

  1. Did you see my tweet about problems with WP page views???? At least try the fix.

    Then again, maybe you *are* that boring!! 😉

  2. I loved FFXIII. But then I tend to like things other people hate. Not through deliberate attempts to be obtuse, but I just seem to enjoy life off the beaten track.

    Lightning mellows throughout the course of the story and I found her quite an appealing character in the end. She’s calm and centred compared to the youthful energy of some of the other members of the cast — she’s a good foil to Vanille’s ridiculousness, for example.

    FFXIII simplifies the whole stats thing, too, so it’s pretty straightforward to see how your characters are improving — some might say overly so — but I thought it was an interesting, different progression system.

    You’re looking at about 20-25 hours before the world “opens up”. Unlike past FFs, the “open world” part isn’t right at the end of the game, but rather roughly 60% of the way through. It then jumps firmly back onto rails for the finale, but you have complete control of when to “trigger” that.

    It’s worth playing through. I enjoyed it a lot, and feel it gets unfairly beaten on.

  3. Yeah, the stats system is certainly a whole lot less complex and less J-RPGy than I remember it being.

    I enjoy the combat system a lot too.

    Irene – I can’t reinstall wordpress. You can only do that if you have a wordpress powered website, as opposed to a blog ON

    1. You’re the techie! So you mean that (another comic geek I follow… oooh, shocking!) is “hosted” by WordPress as opposed to just “posting” on WordPress… is that right? Still not sure I completely understand, but I’m trying!

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