Day Ninety Six: It’s a Question of Quality

I read Gemma Critchley’s post on being slack with blog posts recently and it got me thinking.

Between work, studying, reading and running a website it’s becoming increasingly difficult to come up with a “good quality” blog post.

As a friend of mine once said “The real proof that you can do this, will be when you’re both working and studying” so on one hand, I’m happy that I’m still managing to post something every day and that I haven’t missed a post or called one in late but as I said, I feel the quality is dropping.

At the start I said I’d knock together a plan, sadly I didn’t follow through on that. I did hope to do more short story writing or whatever, but after part three of A Long Way Down, I’ve become disheartened. It wasn’t going how I hoped and writing under pressure (my own pressure) wasn’t producing the best fiction.

On the other hand, flexing poetic muscle is what it seems to be all about these days and this is good, cause there are few things I enjoy writing more. They say practice makes perfect and it certainly seems to be true. Like fine tuning any instrument, writing in a compressed space of time is perfect practice and oddly liberating.

I was tempted to do a lot more “Instant Poetry” but I’d just be fooling myself, and the concept would just end up being an excuse for laziness.

However, not all the stuff I write is created in a short space of time. Just to clarify – the better stuff I do is laboured over for a days (at least).


I apologise for the drop in quality recently but sadly, it was going to happen at one point. Once the exams are over I’ll write better stuff.

I promise.


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