Day Ninety Seven: Moments of Clarity

Yesterday my dad turned me onto a couple of Glasgow based literary outlets. The first being the publishing house Cargo Publishing whose work I have yet to check out properly.

The other is a new magazine called Fractured West, which focuses on flash fiction. It has some very good pieces of work in it by some talented writers and is definitely worth your time.

In reflection of post regarding the lowering of blog quality of late, I made particular comment about fiction writing and how I’ve stopped for the time being.

I submitted A Special Kind of Work to Fractured West yesterday and it was rejected. This is not the first time this particular piece of work has been rejected. Although I have had poetry published in From Glasgow to Saturn I also submitted the same story to them but to know avail. It seems the work is “not the right fit” for either publication.

I don’t blame them.

For a while now, I’ve felt that poetry is definitely becoming a stronger feature of my writing. Not only that, but I enjoy putting a lot of thought into perfecting the language of a piece of work, and refining it to the most subtle way.

I thought I’d be really bothered by the rejection of fiction but it’s simply proven thoughts I’ve had for a wee while now.

So, yesterday I said I’m not focusing on writing fiction for a while. Tonight, I’m saying that I’ve retired from writing fiction for the foreseeable future. I do have an idea for a short story/novella that I was hoping to work on but for the next few months (at least) it’s shelved.

Poetic ideas/forms/study is now going to be a greater focus for me. The intensity of the thought process behind it is exhilarating so for now, it’s poetry all the way.


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