Day One Hundred and Ten: The Dizzy, Dizzy Heights

So many hits yesterday. Thank you to every single person who logged on to see what I’m nattering on about.

I’m contemplating moving to a dedicated URL (gulp), but I’ve no idea if this would be hugely egotistical or not.

Probably would be.

Anyway, having readers is awesome. So this is another thank you to those readers.

This is my eye, looking down on you. ALL OF YOU.

I’ve been studying Animal Rights today for philosophy. Specifically Peter Singer’s work on animal liberation.

He’s clearly a very great mind, but we don’t get on very well, it would appear. Yet, I can see why there are many who find him convincing (philosophy is littered with vegetarians and vegans because of him) – his work All Animals Are Equal is some very, very compelling philosophy indeed. Are we speciesist?

In contrast I’ve been looking at Francis and Norman’s response, of sorts, to him called Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others. Equally as compelling but, in my view, not as convincing.

Either way one thought remains – tasty, tasty meat. I just can’t give it up, it would seem.

So I guess I’m speciesist too.

I’m not well read enough to engage in any kind of philosophical debate on this topic. I have to be honest – ethical theory, applied ethics, punishment and Plato just don’t appeal to me as much as political philosophy, philosophy of mind and personal identity.

Oh well, back to the drawing bored.


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