Day One Hundred and Twenty: 33%

Every day WordPress’ official Daily Post blog send outs an email with some daily inspiration.

Today marks the 33% mark for this one a day blogging endeavor and today’s Daily inspiration, as detailed in today’s post, is to share your three favourite posts so far. I thought it was a pretty cool idea and figured it was a nice and easy one for a Saturday. So, in the quest for an easy life, here are my top three favourite posts so far in reverse order.

Number Three

My third favourite post is probably this one about the creative process. It was fun and interesting to map out the internal workings of my “creative flow”. I’ve no doubt this process will grow and evolve over the years, but it’s a process that seems to be serving me well at the moment.

Number Two

Brutalism in Disguise by The Justified Sinner on Flickr
The Highrise Demise

Out of all the things I’ve written on this blog, this is probably my second favourite and although it’s fairly recent, I’m pretty proud of it. The idea of having two separate perspectives in one piece, whilst also making it seem as though these two perspectives could be a single perspective, is something I’d been attempting for a while, with relatively little success, until this poem. I would ramble on about the other reasons I like it but that’d be dull. Ial so feel that it has the strongest narrative of all my writing. You’re perfectly entitled to disagree, though!

Number One

This was a no brainer. Initially, I was going to go for ‘The Trumpets’ because it was the first time I felt I’d written something approaching decent. However I feel this particular piece titled ‘Ending’, dealing with the death of a loved one, is the one of the most honest and personal things to have fallen out of my head thus far. It’s pretty close to my heart.

So yeah, not as hard as I thought it’d be which is good for a lazy, hangover tinted Saturday evening.

But now I feel dirty – this might be the most horribly self indulgent thing I’ve ever posted on here.

Tomorrow or Monday I’ll have a good post about facebook for ya’ll.


2 thoughts on “Day One Hundred and Twenty: 33%

  1. Thanks for indulging yourself with your “top three”… because somehow… I missed ‘Ending’ first time around. It’s amazing. About Granddad, per chance? Thanks for baring your soul and sharing. It’s really amazing. ❤

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