Day One Hundred and Twenty Three: Tethered

In between channels

In the corner of the room there’s a rectangle
emanating a blue and white haze,
attracting the sleepy gaze
of one falling half asleep
in between channels.
Attention ushered to and fro
by the sound of curt applause,
finding our attention carelessly transmitted
from nation to nation, across station and station.

Icons of celebrity culture, in make up just for you,
nestle beside actors in the greatest fiction
battling for the attention. While half shut
eyes barely register the fleeting
stuttered scenes,





narratives not at all unlike
a bro                                      ken,



complete with made up sentences
containing the beginnings,


and endings

of many different words;
presenting a digital alien language.

In this daze, we remain chained,
fixated on flicking back and forth
in the flickering blue glow from the corner.
Somewhere in the wee-est, smallest hours,
displayed in the divide separating reality and fiction,
indecision abounds and insomnia creeps in.
Yet, there is the TV screen,
shackling itself to the last remaining vestures
of our attention.

And it begs for more.


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