Day One Hundred and Thirty Eight: Gales on Byres Road

Hidden Tower Behind Byres Road
The University of Glasgow Hidden Behind Trees

A pale gale clamours along coniferous Byres Road,
all full of gusto and bluster,
turning lanes that jut out like branches,
into miniature wind tunnels.
On the corner of University Avenue
a man smokes and exhales into the wind
while trees behind him causing an awful clatter
off of the street lights that they batter.
He takes one last puff, and tosses the end
into the street, before making off
with a stilted short step
bracing against the squall.

Suddenly he’s blown over
head over heels over coattails and kerbs
his posture all a flutter
his cigarettes strewn
bag contents blown
into the path of an oncoming bus,
and all around can’t help but laugh
as he is embedded in a bush.


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