Day One Hundred and Fifty Nine: Swings and ROUNDARGHBOUTS

Content is content.

It’s amazing how a small, potentially dodgy, sub standard post put a dent in those that come back to visit your blog. The semi/rubish haiku I done on Monday resulted in a whopping downturn in hits from the previous day. Whoops, my bad.

In other news – getting fit.

Indeed, I’ve started doing the Insanity program which, as it happens, is pretty fucking insane. I don’t think I’ve put my body through anything like it in the past. I’m now in my third week and while I’ve not lost any weight, my body is definitely changing.

It’s brilliant.

Don’t get me wrong like, I’m not under any illusions that I’m going come out of this totally ripped. Mainly I just want to get my cardio back up so I can maybe play some sports again (the prospect of a 5 a-side football team is forever looming). Once the 60 days is up it’ll be gymward bound, I reckon.

This all comes full circle – the contents of this post are rubbish, but since my hits have dropped does it matter? Who knows.


One thought on “Day One Hundred and Fifty Nine: Swings and ROUNDARGHBOUTS

  1. Oh, that’s nice. Hits are down, so you give your loyal readers crap!? :p

    I’d be curious to see if hits are connected to days of the week, the weather outside, what’s on TV, what time of the day you post your link, etc. as opposed to content. Since one has *already* gotten to the post *before* they read the content. 😉

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