Day One Hundred and Eighty Nine: …and relax.

I have now submitted two things to two competitions.

I think I need a rest. Creative burn out or something.

The prize that closed today was one that Glasgow University hold annually for students of their literature courses. As the deadline approached I sorta started to lose faith in what I’d written, but not having time to produce anything else I just went with it anyway.

Time to chill the fuck out.


One thought on “Day One Hundred and Eighty Nine: …and relax.

  1. It seems like you feel pressure to post complete poems here, while I would think that without the pressure to post here you might otherwise be satisfied on some days with merely having written a single well crafted stanza. And while you should normally be satisfied with that accomplishment, it is a defeat because you can’t post that here. And perhaps that pressure to create entire poems in a day, every day, is quite a bit more pressure than the creative mind should deal with!

    “Chill the fuck out”… yes, more of this.

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