Day One Hundred and Ninety Seven: Gettin’ Ma Geek On

My flatmate secured a Samsung Galaxy S II last week which has resulted in pretty much all of our conversations being about Android and other mobile phone geekery of late.

Being a (former) tech, naturally I still enjoy talking about computer things and I still like to get my oar in when it comes to fixing, optimising and running PCs. However, it’s an enthusiasm that has waned since I left the IT industry in 2009.

Android and mobile phone nerdiness only really started when I got my hands on my own Samsung Galaxy S (the first one) in August last year. Ever since then I’ve been getting stuck in with hacking, modding, optimisation and all other manner of smartphone technical wizardry. I’ll be the first to say that Android is not a complete user experience yet – if you want a phone that just works without any arsing about then the iPhone is for you – but with increased market share and multiple improvements in every new iteration of the operating system, Android is definitely improving. Having been with Android since the beginning, it’s been great to see it improve.

Anyway, back to the point.

It’s good to finally get the geek on again. We’ve spent a few days just getting our phones to work the best they possibly can. It’s made us both realise just how powerful these things are. Although his phone is much, much more powerful than mine, I still basically have a PC in my pocket. Doing things like setting up wireless transfer of files between phones and server, transferring files at the drop of a hat and using apps to send website etc to our handsets is just…it’s a strange kind of joy.

When technology just works it is almost magical. And that feels brilliant.


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