Day Two Hundred and Five: BREWDOG!

Last night was a particularly messy one.

For those not in the know, Brewdog are an independent craft brewery based in Fraserbrugh near Aberdeen. They make a fine selection of beers all which taste unlike any other beer you may have tried.

Yesterday they opened their first bar in Glasgow. It’s a pretty brilliant place. They had pretty much most of their beer on sale (with the exception of one called “5 a.m. Saint”, of which they only had in bottles) and most of it is awesome.

We sampled a few of their delightful beverages and indulged to excess, resulting in a very blurry night. If you can get your hands on some I heartily recommend “Paradox – Isle of Arran”; which is 10% vol and aged in whisky casks and has a really nice burnt caramel flavour, “Trashy Blonde” and “Punk I.P.A.” (both on draft) we also tried the excellent, if strong, “Hardcore I.P.A.” and “Tactical Nuclear Penguin” – a 32% beer that they only server in 25ml measures. It’s surprisingly smooth and, understandably, very strong indeed.


The place was packed. Standing room only, actually. Not that it took ages to get served, it was actually quite speedy.


(Yes, the night did get that blurry).

Anyway, the reason for this post is because I am still rather hungover and wanted to share my love for the place. If you can get to a bar, or get some of their beer then do so. It’s brilliant and so very different to the more popular, mainstream stuff you can get just about anywhere.

Also, in their crusade against popular, bland mainstream beer they had some cool videos of them destroying various popular brands of beer. Imagine my surprise when I seen a bottle of Groslch in the fridge behind the bar…


Anyway. Go. Go soon.


2 thoughts on “Day Two Hundred and Five: BREWDOG!

  1. Will have to try and get a night out at some point! Jayse Crawford was highly appreciative of the place too. Funny on the Grolsh. Wonder if it was there for an impromptu happy smashing vid?

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