Day Two Hundred and Forty One: Good Drugs, Bad Streets

As part of Glasgow’s Rock n Roll Damnation series of gigs (which, by the way, had some extortionate ticket prices), after seeing Glassjaw last Thursday I followed it up by attending The Bronx/Mariachi El Bronx the following day.

You can read the review of what turned out to be a pretty special gig by clicking on the image above. So intense. So passionate. So brilliant.

Oh, I only just realised something and I should probably explain why I post a link to my work when it’s on other sites instead of just posting it on here.

I do a lot of writing every day. I’m pretty happy with a lot of it, but Google wouldn’t be particularly happy if I posted the same content in two places. This is recognised by Google search bots as “content scraping” and as such lowers the importance of the content in a search engine, as well as potentially damaging the ranking of your website.

In fact, by cross posting all of my posts to the One a Day Project blog I’m probably doing myself no favours, but as long as it doesn’t impact on Daily Dischord I’m happy with that.

Just in case you thought these link and run things were a cop out, like.


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