Day Two Hundred and Sixty One: 54

When someone you know departs from this place, it’s always surreal. In the initial moments everything feels unreal. As if someone is playing a grim joke on you.

Time never makes it easier.

At this stage, things are still raw. This morning a friend of mine, Scott Hastie, passed away. Another friend and I had known Scott since we were sixteen years old. In fact, our first band had Scott on bass and even back then he was such a warm, caring and genuinely good guy. Over the years he contributed to the Glasgow music scene and through that, he leaves many memories and many friends. Although he moved to Canada last year, only returning earlier on this year, he was certainly missed then and is missed even more now. We weren’t as close as we once were, but he was never far from the thoughts of my friends and I.

My thoughts are with Scott, his girlfriend Kate and his family. The guy was a legend, and I hope his family are dealing with things as well as they possibly can at the moment. It may not be much consolation, but Scott touched many people. 25 is no age but the man leave so many people with so many great memories.

R.I.P. fella. You’ll always be missed.


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