Day Two Hundred and Sixty Eight: Scottish Friction

A friend of mine posted this Edwin Morgan poem on Facebook earlier and I thought I’d share it.

Although I studied Morgan in Scottish Literature last year (and do so in my spare time) the first experience of his poetry was in the Idlewild songs ‘Scottish Fiction’. The poem of the same name was written specifically for the Idlewild album ‘The Remote Part’ at the behest of the band’s singer Roddy Woomble (who perhaps wins the award for the least rock star name in the world) and if you want to hear the song, which is closed by Morgan’s reading of the poem, then click here.

The poem is excellent and can be read below. As ever, copyright belongs to Edwin Morgan’s Estate.

Red Road Flats

Scottish Fiction
by Edwin Morgan

It isn’t in the mirror
It isn’t on the page
It’s a red-hearted vibration
Pushing through the walls
Of dark imagination
Finding no equation
There’s a Red Road rage
But it’s not road rage
It’s asylum seekers engulfed by a grudge
Scottish friction
Scottish fiction

It isn’t in the castle
It isn’t in the mist
It’s a calling of the waters
As they break to show
The new Black Death
With reactors aglow
Do you think your security
Can keep you in purity
You will not shake us off above or below
Scottish friction
Scottish fiction


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