Day Three Hundred and Seventeen: Meh.

It’s a start, I guess. Some times you gotta do the bad to get the good.

Calm air and a fleet of black Audi’s
blacked out windows for the vampires inside.
Suit and tie, shoes spit shined
on a cold black night
all right
all night.

Onward to the show,
motorway giving way
to the glamorous inside.
Blood pumping, heart stopping
showbiz back seats,
in which sit the hematophagus
celebrities inside.

Black and demure;
once you’ve seen one car with blacked out windows,
you’ve surely seen them all.
A symbol of a power, or perhaps of class
either way
10 of them outside my window
at the petrol station pass
while I sit and make up stories
about their purpose
all night
all right.


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