Day Three Hundred and Twenty Two: Procrastinate

I have finished my essay on The Testament of Cresseid. Which is most pleasing.

It’s a medieval scots poem by Robert Henryson and perhaps one of my favourite things I’ve studied this year. As you could expect there’s a rather large amount of literature on the text, some of it great and some of it (I’m looking at you John MacQueen) not so much.

Speaking of John MacQueen, Glasgow Uni’s copy of his book “Robert Henryson” basically has a ton of stuff written all over it, culminating in “This book is a pile of shite”, which I thought was rather funny. Also, in what I presume was an attempt to show off he’d written some stuff in Latin and down the margin someone had written “This is 1988 – no one speaks Latin anymore!” and “Aye, cheers for that. Like earlier on in the book – showing off.” Even though the book is from the last 60s it was quite funny to see it’d been used in the 80s too. Very odd.

It contains some criticism on the poem.

If you’ve ever read Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde Henryson’s poem is kind of a sequel to that, in as much as it follows Criseyde (or Cresseid, as he spells it) after she betrays Troilus and is cast out by Diomede.

It’s a fascinating and rich piece of work, one I think is an important read if poetry is “your thing” and a good read even if it isn’t your thing, so click here to check it out. The language might seem quite challenging at first but when read aloud it does make more sense. If you can find it in a collection it’ll have a translation for some/most of the words.

Worth reading for sure.


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