Day Three Hundred and Thirty Nine: Studying and Such

Not long til Christmas now! But that also mean’s that it’s not long til exams. One week, to be precise. But hey, at least it’s my only exam.

Speaking of exams, there are two types of people in the world, those who are studying for exams and those who aren’t.

It’s a Scottish Literature exam I have next Monday and one of the texts I’ll be studying for it is William Dunbar’s The Tretis of the Twa Mariit Wemen and the Wedo.

It’s essentially a satire, this one and it covers a number of styles and genres. It’s longish but totally worth reading. Is it a satire of women? Is it a democratization of democracy? Does it give women a voice and is that voice really one that should be heard?

It’s quite a baudy text, and quite explicit in places. It’s worthy of note particularly because it comes from an era where women were very much seen and not heard, and although the action in the poem takes place through the eyes of an eavesdropping/peeping tom narrator, it’s one of the very few medieval texts where women have a voice, even if it doesn’t seem to be a particularly flattering one.


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