Day Three Hundred and Forty Three: It’s Clobberin’ Time

If I took an axe to the telephone exchange do you think they’d fix my phone?

As discussed in yesterday’s post the weather played havoc with a lot of services here in Scotland yesterday. For me, I was unable to get my phone line sorted and I remain broadband-less. I wasn’t gonna be pissed off at the guy who came to do because given the conditions, it’s completely understandable that he didn’t want to climb a telephone pole in 70mph winds.

I called up today to rearrange the appointment and was told that I now cannot have my phone line connected until January 10th.

Ok, so having no broadband is rather irritating, but it’s not the end of the world. It’s very much a white whine, of sorts so I’m not going to get too pissed off at that. Similarly, the fact I won’t be using BT’s BT Vision service for TV for another month isn’t something I’m going to lose sleep over. What does irk me, however, is that as of yesterday I am paying for a service that I cannot use.

I made this clear to BT and said I’d like to cancel the order, but was told that even if I done that it’s likely that because every other telephone provider uses BT Openreach, I should expect a similar timescale with other providers.

BT Openreach are very well known for their incompetence. Apparently the have some magic crystal ball which tells them how bad the weather is going to be for the next month, so by combining that with the festive season gives means a very annoyed man.

Hilariously the BT Openreach base here is about 2 miles down the road and my exchange is literally 50 yards away from the house.

Astounding. Someone somewhere has decided that failure to complete a job because of bad weather has meant that if you’re in Scotland you cannot have a new phone line connected for at least another month.

Raging does not cover it.


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