Day Three Hundred and Fifty Four: Something Sinister This Way Comes

Just after I finished my Scottish Literature exam at the start of the month I jumped into the uni library and checked out a few books on writing. The Creative Writing Handbook is proving to be particularly useful and through I found this, confusing but also frankly mind blowing short story by Robert Coover called ‘The Babysitter’. It’s in PDF format and although it’s fifteen pages long it’s absolutely worth reading.

Without spoiling too much it’s a postmodern story which has so many different narrators that it’s impossible to tell who’s narrating it. The different narrators highlight just how unreliable a narrator can be, with each fragment of narrative seemingly relying entirely different versions of the same events. By the end of it you’re not entirely sure what really happened in the story except that something very sinister has went on.

Utterly essential. If you only ever read one thing today make sure it’s this story.


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