Setting Sail/Wahey

Aw jeah.

The wonderful people over at Octavius Magazine held a launch party/reading type thing last Thursday in Edinburgh. It was a really fun event and the magazine contains some excellent pieces.

And something by me. A poem. Which was unusual because I hadn’t seen it in about 10 months and I haven’t written a poem in a while so it was a bit weird.

Anyway, you can go buy it here for a fiver. Great value for money especially given that it contains 42 other writers and has some truly wonderful things in it. So go get it.

Why Do You Do That Thing You Do?

The other day somebody asked me why I post my first drafts on my blog and I said that it was so that I could hopefully get some feedback from people. Preferably constructive feedback.

I haven’t posted all that much this year but that’s mainly because I’ve been working on my novel. The odd extract has went up here and there, sure, but that’s it. The person who asked me this then said if I’d put the entire first draft of the novel up on my blog and I said no. Probably because A) no one would read it (I’m sitting at 70,000odd words already and I’m not even close to being finished) and B) if someone did read it it’d be a hell of a lot of feedback to give out.

So I’ll stick to posting short stories here. Eventually the stories are redrafted and changed, usually ending up quite different from what they looked like at the start. It’s at this point I’ll submit them to magazines or journals and the like. I haven’t done that yet, mainly cause of the novel thing, but I plan too eventually. So if you read the last story, The Lion, and liked it well it’s been touched up and changed since then. 

I miss the support I had at creative writing classes.

So there you go. That’s why I do that thing I do. A short story will follow after this post. Yum.