Who am I?

So who is Mark Fraser?

Well, between you and me I’m a superhero. My unique ability allows me to see exactly 1 minute and 42 seconds into the future and just to let you know – nothing’s changed.

Now that’s off my chest, we can begin. I am a man of 30 years who likes things like MUSIC and BOOKS and MOVIES and TV SHOWS and the occasional video game. I have a degree from The University of Glasgow in Film and Television and Scottish Literature. I currently work for a charity called Kibble.

I’m the proud co-conspirator, founder and editor for the music website Daily Dischord. Music plays a major role in my life, and I currently play guitar and sing in a band called False Hopes, and play bass for a band called Citagazi.

I also run a wee podcast called The Curator Podcast.

My most recent achievement is that I’ve managed to have a short story published in a real book, that is to say a real collection/anthology type thing called Tip Tap Flat. Once upon a time I participated in a BBC training scheme which got me published on the BBC website. I have also had some poetry published in the Glasgow University creative writing anthology From Glasgow to Saturn. I wrote a screenplay once as the pilot episode of a sitcom and I’m trying desperately to get someone, anyone, anywhere to read it and give me lots of cash to go off and make it. In addition to this I’ve also been working on a collection of short stories and a novel. Nice.

Agnostic, slightly anarchist and a damn fine lover I hope to age like a fine wine even though I’m well aware that I’ll end up dead before I’m 50.

I occasionally Tweet about things and for all of the year Two Thousand and Eleven I blogged every day for 365 days.

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