Day Three Hundred and Eleven: Interlude

I’m taking a break from posting the story to post this really, really amazing Monday Mixtape from London’s very own The Arcade Roots. Ok, so it’s for Halloween and it’s a week late but it’s really rather great and worth checking out.

Do it. Right now.

Also, I’m gonna pimp this big style: sponsor me for Movember here. I’m going for the “Tom Selleck” or the Magnum P.I. Sadly, I do not own a Ferrari.

Day Three Hundred and Four: Happy Halloween!

A wee break from the short story today in order to pimp out some cool shit Liam arranged over at Daily Dischord to celebrate Halloween.

Usually we run our Monday Mixtape feature on Mondays, with each team member taking it in turns to sling five tracks together based on a theme of their choosing, but since it’s Halloween Liam got a few bands to pick their five favourite Halloween tunes (I say Halloween but I mean it in the very loosest way, some of the tunes aren’t Halloween themed) so without further ado I present to you our Halloween Monday Mixtape.

First up we have Aussie mad men Dangerous! give us their fave five.

One of the UK’s biggest and brightest independent labels, Visible Noise, had their head honcho chuck us a quintet of Halloween tunes.

Reading’s up and coming metal titans Malefice gave us their top picks.

Deaf Havana took some time out from their rather busy schedule to give is their five.

ACODA also lent a hand too, capping of a brilliant year for them with this nice wee feature.

Have you heard of djent? Well if you haven’t, Basick Records big boys Circles show off their Halloween goodness.

And finally, Rise to Remain get freaky with their top five.