Day Two Hundred and Thirty One: Untitled #2

punk is dead

The punks on the left
neat spiky hair
in the jet black east wing
wallow in despair
to the left over remnants
of the dancing
on the centre-right floor
getting on down to the populist
rock n roll dance floor fillers
pumping from the speakers
at volumes loud enough to
shake the studs from
their immaculately tailored
leather attire

They are simply just too laissez faire
to allow themselves
enjoyment of the “commercial” things
even though that’s what
night clubs are for

Week after week they return
politics in tow
but this is not parliament

The punks to the left
ragged and jaggy haired
in their red star corner
have filled a table with
empty plastic cups
and just enough alcohol
to discard punk rock politics
taking to the night
regardless of context
finally raising a smile
to the speaker of the house
a DJ by any other name

Gone are their good intentions
moving in slow motion
under the flickering house lights
along to the sounds that everyone else knows
and despite their well kept
anti-commercial appearances
they do too.